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Crash Bandicoot Kart 3D


Игра для всех разрешений экрана! Отличная гоночная аркада (картинг), В игре присутствует 12 разнообразных уровней, на которых разбросаны различные предметы, бонусы и оружие. Игра точно пойдет на: E71, E72, N73, 6120, N95. Особенности: -Высокий уровень ...

Mahala очень давно в 09:30 сказал:
i have an X5 and love it. my former vehicle was a BMW M3 and i am an aggressive driver. although its no M3, it handles more like a 5 series sedan than an SUV and keeps me happy. i have the sport package with the factory 19″ wheels. it dos2&n#8e17;t give the ride you’re accustomed to in your E320 Touring, but it handles incredibly. if you want a soft ride don’t get the sport. you will love the X5!p.s. get the 4.4i or better, the 3.0 is for women
Mateen очень давно в 12:28 сказал:
And to think I was going to talk to somneoe in person about this.
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